Thursday, May 07, 2009

Star Trek - spoilers!

I hate those ear slugs. When I was a kid, they gave me nightmares for weeks. Ask my mom, I slept with cotton balls in my ears.

But I loved this movie! JJ did himself a big favor setting this new Trek universe the way he did. Without saying too much, I will say that time travel is involved (allowing for the much anticipated Nimoy appearance for which we've all been clamoring) and so basically, all bets are off. To satiate my desire for big explosions in space and budget-blowing special effects - I'll forgive you your trespasses.

However, there are 2 things I will not forgive: 1) the Enterprise crew would never laugh at a nemisis in his moment of defeat - that's just bad form; not to mention you Starfleet grads should really know enough gravitational physics to know when its time to RUN AWAY! 2) WTF is "red" matter anyway???

PS My favorite part about reinventing this series is the Lucas-esque tone that's been brought to Trek. Someone's favorite movie is Empire Strikes Back... hyperdrive fails, Hoth, and more - oh my! Don't worry, JJ, me too. :)